Athletic Hall of Fame


2015 SHS Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees/Ceremony

The Sterling High School Athletic Hall of Fame is dedicated to the outstanding athletes and coaches who, through their athletic and coaching achievements, have brought honor to themselves, their school, and the community.

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is three-fold. First, to recognize and honor all the great athletes and coaches who have brought fame to Sterling High School. Second, to establish in the hearts of our youth a motivating influence to excel in athletics. Third, to foster and preserve good sportsmanship, scholarship, and citizenship in our teams, in our school, and in our community.

Candidates for membership into the Hall of Fame shall be former student athletes and coaches of Sterling High School who are selected into the Hall of Fame by a two thirds vote of a quorum of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors. Candidates are eligible for membership through these classifications: 

  • State Champions
  • All-State Selections
  • Outstanding Athletes
  • Outstanding Teams with profound accomplishments
  • Outstanding individuals who earned major letters during high school
  • Outstanding coaches who have distinguished themselves
To further honor these individuals, their pictures and profiles are permanently displayed in the Hall of Fame Room located in the lobby of the Homer Musgrove fieldhouse on the campus of Sterling High School.

Individuals (graduates) are eligible for Hall of Fame consideration five years after graduation.  Teams are eligible after five years.  Coaches are eligible when they are no longer in a paid coaching position at SHS.

Anyone may nominate an individual, team, or coach at any time.  

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